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NHL Playoff Schedule & Tickets 2024/2025

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NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoff system is very similar to that of the NBA, in that 16 teams qualify, and advancing is determined by playing best-of-seven series in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. The NHL is currently divided into two conferences, Eastern and Western. Within these conferences, there are two divisions. The Atlantic and the Metropolitan divisions make up the Eastern Conference. The Central and Pacific do the same in the West. As in the NFL, it is important how a team places within its division when it comes to making the playoffs.

The NHL divided the 32 teams into two conferences: the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. The first six teams from each conference to make the playoffs are the top three in each division. Due to how wins, losses, and wins in overtime are weighed during the regular season, the team with the most points is the division champion. The next two teams in the division by total points make up the playoff representatives from each division. To round out the 16-team slate, two Wild Card teams are also selected from each conference. Like in the NFL, these teams receive at-large bids for having the best regular-season records outside of the top three in each division. When is the NHL Playoffs? Check out current NHL Playoff Matchups and find out now.

NHL Playoffs Ticket Prices

NHL Tickets
National Hockey League

The current average price of an NFL playoff ticket is $270. There are many factors that affect the face value of tickets, and prices can also vary on secondary purchasing sites, depending on the demand for a certain game. Prices can also change as the game approaches based on non-game reasons, such as weather. A game where fans are going to have to sit through three to four hours of rain will be less desirable and can cost less, as the game approaches. This is a good way for diehard fans to see a playoff game at a possibly more reasonable price, as long as they’re willing to brave the elements. Of course, that wouldn’t affect ticket prices for the handful of teams that play in an indoor stadium, such as the Superdome in New Orleans, the home of the Saints.

Both hockey and basketball are played in smaller venues than football, and although every round has multiple games, the amount of revenue NHL and NBA teams can bring in for each game is less than what NFL teams expect. This goes for regular season and playoff games alike. Thus, ticket prices, especially for better seats, are reflective of the pressure this puts on demand. The cheapest tickets for recent first-round games have started at just under $100. This is certainly reasonable compared to other playoff ticket prices around the sports world, but choosing the absolute cheapest ticket does not always result in the experience desired. If you are planning on going to a game at the home arena of your favorite team, you probably know the layout and possibly the seats to avoid. Many newer venues have been built with a “There’s no bad seat” theory, which is great for fans attending relatively expensive playoff games.

From the $100 mark, like in any other sport, ticket prices increase and can cost a substantial amount of money if you’re looking for really good seats. The average price of playoff tickets overall is a little over $300, with prices rising in the later rounds. Also, what ticket purchasers should be aware of when hitting the secondary market, is that elimination games (meaning games four, five, six, and especially seven) will garner higher prices than games earlier in a series.

Stanley Cup Finals Tickets

Stanley Cup Finals

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Tickets 2024/2025.

We’ll provide a convenient NHL Stanley Cup Finals with detailed information on upcoming game dates, times, and locations for all NHL matchups. Don’t miss the Stanley Cup Finals’ upcoming games. Get 100% guaranteed Playoff tickets for upcoming NHL games at the lowest price.

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