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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Tickets 2024/2025.

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How much are tickets to the Stanley Cup?

Football fans and fans of any of the other three major sports in the U.S. will argue that their championship is the most exciting and enjoyable to watch or experience live. There have certainly been Super Bowls that have been heavily one-sided, along with NBA and NHL Finals series that have been easily swept by one team. However, the possibility and the sometimes reality of a game seven in the NBA or NHL Finals is something that fans of those sports dream about all season. Getting into one of these historic matchups is a matter of what some people might think is an insane amount for any single sporting event.

The NHL reported prices for resold or secondary market tickets to a recent Stanley Cup Finals game seven matchups. Across the several knowns and trusted outlets, including the NHL’s own ticket exchange, some of the numbers are staggering. The lowest-priced tickets started at over $1500. As you got closer to the ice, there were seats in the $6000 and $13,000 Range. For the ultimate experience, seeing a Stanley Cup Finals game seven right against the glass: a price tag that exceeded $40,000 once you included any fees. When purchasing tickets at any price point, be sure you’re getting a better view, or more of the one you want, rather than a more prestigious place in the sports venue.

If you can buy tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals, either directly from the team as a season ticket holder, or from the NHL when tickets are released to the public, the prices are much more reasonable, in comparison. You can still get into a single Finals game for less than $1000 depending on the seats you buy. Also, on the resale market, non-elimination games one, two, and three do not garner the prices of games later in the series. If you are just looking to go to a game, ticket prices will also trend downward if a team has lost the first couple of games of the series.

How Much Are Hockey Game Tickets?

Regular season hockey tickets also vary greatly in price but by comparison, a night out for a date or for the family is much more reasonable. One of the variants across the league is location. Comparative seats in New York and Phoenix will cost you $55 and $20, respectively. There are also some surprises on the list of best bargains around the league. The Anaheim Ducks, who play in the Los Angeles metro area, boast one of the cheapest ticket prices in the league.

Teams often offer discounts or include added benefits if you buy even the smallest of ticket plans. A six-game package might have some amount of food and beverage vouchers thrown in. Ticket package holders also often receive discounts on tickets to other games outside their plans, parking, or merchandise at the venue. If you think you might want to see a few games, these plans are worth looking into, with the added benefits in mind.

When Should I Buy Hockey Tickets?

If you are planning on going to a single game, there are deals to be had. One is that teams often offer a family pack of tickets, which for one price includes four tickets, food, soft drinks, and sometimes a souvenir. Additionally, if you don’t mind making last-minute plans, you can grab some marked-down tickets on the secondary market on the day of the matchup. This is a great way to buy better seats that you may not usually consider if you were paying the face value. There are also games that teams offer special deals to, based on when they are played. Some teams discount Sunday afternoon games and other Monday night games. There are also many promotional games during the season that include a souvenir provided by one of the team’s sponsors.

In the end, attending a playoff game for any sport that you are a fan of is a great experience and one that you will most likely remember for some time to come.

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