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Super Bowl Ticket Prices

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It’s not easy to get a ticket to the Super Bowl, and Super Bowl 57, 2023, is no exception.

First off, the tickets are remarkably expensive, reaching into the thousands of dollars. And second, many of the NFL’s partners get tickets through their various deals, so it’s not as simple as just pulling up a team website and buying a ticket or two.
A look at those specific ticket lists prices rising up to $35.000 for tickets.

Taylor Swift’s FULL Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Taylor Swift’s FULL Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show 2024
Taylor Swift’s FULL Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show 2024
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VIP Super Bowl Experience

Be a part of Super Bowl history when the NFL’s biggest game lights up Las Vegas for the very first time!

Hosted at the brand-new Allegiant Stadium, Super Bowl LVIII will be the ultimate pairing of sports, entertainment, and non-stop excitement. As the Official Hospitality Partner of the NFL, On-Location offers exclusive access to this legendary event, with official tickets, prime seating, deluxe pregame hospitality inside the security perimeter, and an epic array of curated VIP experiences.

For the best selection of our premium ticket and experience packages as soon as they are available for purchase, be sure to secure your spot at the front of the line with Priority Access today. Priority Access is a refundable deposit that provides you with access to purchase a Super Bowl LVIII ticket package.

A VIP Super Bowl Experience can vary depending on what specific package or deal you purchase. However, in general, a VIP Super Bowl Experience will provide you with exclusive access to a variety of events and activities surrounding the Super Bowl.

Some possible inclusions in a VIP Super Bowl Experience may include:

VIP Game Tickets: Typically, VIP packages come with prime seating at the Super Bowl game. These seats offer some of the best views in the stadium and often include additional amenities such as access to VIP lounges and food and beverage services.

  • Pre-Game Events: Many VIP packages include access to exclusive pre-game events, such as celebrity meet-and-greets, tailgate parties, and VIP hospitality areas.
  • Exclusive Parties: VIP guests often have access to exclusive Super Bowl parties, which can include A-list celebrity appearances, live music performances, and premium food and drink offerings.
  • Luxury Accommodations: Many VIP packages include luxury accommodations at top hotels in the area, often with access to additional amenities such as spa services and fine dining.
  • Transportation: Some VIP packages include transportation to and from the Super Bowl game and surrounding events, such as private car service or helicopter rides.

Overall, a VIP Super Bowl Experience offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the biggest game of the year in style and luxury.